How It Works

Acti-Gel® 208 particles are electrically charged which enables it to gel with other particles in the formula via Electro-Mechanical interaction.

Static state:

  • At rest, Acti-Gel® 208 particles form a 3-dimensional lattice structure that suspends other particles by creating a “carrier fluid”.
  • The carrier fluid prevents segregation enabling a homogeneous mixture.

Dynamic state:

  • In motion, the Acti-Gel® 208 lattice structure quickly disperses and goes in the direction of the flow. This results in lower viscosity and markedly improved flowability and pumpability.

Return to Static state:

  • The rate of ‘thixotropic recovery’ – the Acti-Gel® 208 lattice structure returns to a stable homogeneous suspension immediately after shear is stopped.
  • This can be repeated indefinitely without loss of performance.

Acti-Gel® 208 advantages:

  • Environmentally safe
  • Non-hydroscopic
  • Temperature Stable (unaffected by freeze/thaw)
  • pH tolerant (pH = 2-13)
  • Shear Stable
  • Indefinite Shelf Life

What is Acti-Gel® 208

Acti-Gel® 208 is a low dose rheology modifier & anti-settling agent that provides:

  • Superior particle suspension.
  • Stabilizes mix designs.
  • Improves flowability, pump ability and performance of the formula.
  • Acti-Gel® 208 is available in both Liquid & Dry forms.

The Science Behind Acti-Gel® 208

  • Acti-Gel® 208 is a highly purified Magnesium Alumino Silicate, intended for high performance use.
  • Acti-Gel® 208 is made from a wet process which significantly removes most of the grit (SiO2, CaCO3) and other impurities (Smectite).
  • Acti-Gel® 208 is made without grinding.
  • The Magnesium Alumino Silicate “Bristles” are chemically exfoliated.
  • The impurities are mechanically removed.
  • Pure, uniform size and shaped particles remain.

  • Acti-Gel® 208 has an average particle length of 1.5 to 2 µm and an average Φ = 30 nm.
  • Acti-Gel® 208 “bristles” are positively charged on the ends and negatively charged along the axis.
  • Electro-Mechanical interaction is what enables Acti-Gel® 208 to disperse.

How To Use It

  • Acti-Gel® 208 is typically added last in mixing sequence.
  • Typical dosage (dry basis) is 0.01% to 0.20% (based on total dry weight of material).
  • Acti-Gel® 208 must be mixed with sufficient high shear to “intermingle” the particles.
  • Acti-Gel® 208 will easily disperse in commercial scale processes.
  • Please contact your local representative for recommendations on specific applications.